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Marble Cleaning Company – Marble Polishing

Marble Floor Cleaning


Marble is one of the most beautiful and durable stones you can buy. Most of the Roman and Greek temples had marble floors. This type of floor was made to last and even today, after thousands of years the old marble floors in some of the most important buildings in Rome and Athens, look like new.

Marble tiles are available in hundreds of colours and types. The most famous and some of the most beautiful marble floor tiles come from Italy. Even Italian marble is divided per areas with the south of Italy producing some of the most amazing marble. Marble floors used to be a product designed for the rich market only or for public buildings. Times have changed and marble floors have become much more available to a wider market. More and more people are using quality marble floors that can make an average house look brilliant. Also, the techniques for maintenance and the marble floor cleaning technology has dramatically changed. The times when floors were being polished by the shoes of the prayers are long gone and the days of diamond pad polishing are here to stay.


In order to prolong the natural beauty of marble it needs to be properly maintained. Some homeowners are not even aware that they own very expensive marble floors and they use bleach or other very corrosive chemicals to clean it. Many times we were asked to quote for the cleaning of cheap floor tiles only to discover that the tiles were actually marble and the owner of the house had not known of the quality of their floors. Also, the marble floor cleaning process is very slow and very costly. But the most important thing to know is that this is a process, it can take a few visits and hours of buffing before the results will appear.

Our company provides two types of marble floor cleaning & polishing.

Chemical polishing – this type of marble floor cleaning will require a deep clean to remove all the dirt and build up of lime and grease. The next operation is the scratch removal operation. We will use special diamond pads to remove most of the scratches from the marble surface. The last operation is marble sealing & polishing. A very strong sealant will be applied to your floors. This sealant will protect against spillages and high traffic wear off. How long this polish will last is dependent upon usage and traffic. More traffic means the polish will wear off faster.


Diamond polishing – this type of marble floor cleaning and polishing system will do what the prayers used to do with their shoes in the old roman/greek temples, but at faster speeds. Using different pad grits we will basically remove all the scratches from the floors and then using some of the finest polishing pads and high speed buffers we will get the natural shine out of the stone. This is a slow process and after achieving the natural look it also has to be maintained. Marble floors require periodic buffing and we would highly recommend that all customers buy their own buffer. A once per month buff is a must.


I know that will sound like a company looking for business but my advice for any marble floor owner is not to attempt to polish their own floors. Unless you have a slow speed buffer, a high speed buffer, a wet vac, a set of diamond pads and the knowledge required.

Here is a list of “do nots” with your marble floors:

-do not use bleach, hard acids or wire brushes on your floors

-do not drop sharp things on your marble floor

-do not polish the floor with the wrong pad

-do not allow anyone to work on your floors

-do not keep dogs on marble floors

-do not steam wash chemically polished marble floors


Here is a list of “do” with your marble floors:

-do wash your floors once per week using soft neutral floor cleaners

-do buff your floors once per month (cheap used buffers can be found online 400 rpm)

-do use covers on chairs legs

-do use specialists and ask for insurance


With hundreds of marble floors completed each year we can truly say that we know what we are talking about. The process is slow and as we said earlier it could take few visits before the magic results can be visible.

Marble floor cleaning – Pricing:

Depending on what kind of finish is required the price can vary. Chemical marble floor cleaning & sealing will work out cheaper because the stone will be as shiny as the sealant. This process will be completed much faster and much cheaper. Diamond marble floor cleaning & polishing : this type of cleaning will require very expensive buffer pads (90€ each – few required per 50 m2 floor), very slow speed buffers and huge amounts of workmanship. 1 sq meter of tile will require about 1 hour to get the good results. If you have 40 sq meter – do the maths.

Our company is fully insured and highly recommended. We work with domestic and commercial customers. Our marble floor cleaning techniques have proven to be the most efficient. All our fully trained marble specialists are at your service and thousands of hours work experience is only one click away. We have reduced all our marble polishing prices to a more affordable level due to huge investment in some of the best technologies and tools. No job is too small or too big. We do not clean or polish marble walls. On our website ( you will find a list of our latest marble cleaning projects. You can contact any of them for a good review.


Call us today at 014440146 or 1800 848 700 (free) and we will provide you with a free no obligation estimate.



















Travertine Cleaning Company – Travertine Sealing


Travertine Floor Cleaning

Dublin Floor Cleaning provides professional travertine floor cleaning services. Travertine Is a beautiful natural stone which is extremely durable. Travertine is available in a variety of colours and finishes, the most widely used in Ireland is cream. Travertine tiles look imperfect and full of cracks but this is their natural look and adds to their beauty (we provide a crack filling service also but we would usually  recommend keeping them as they are).

Travertine tiles also range in price and the difference can be quite considerable. The most expensive travertine floors are pretty perfect, without any cracks or cavities. Cheaper tiles are full of cavities.

Our company specialises in deep cleaning travertine tiles, scratch removal, chemical sealing and diamond polishing. We will always provide a free no obligation estimate and we will explain to you how the process works before we start.

We employ some of the best specialists in travertine floor cleaning. We understand how important your floors are for the look of your property and we will make sure that only the best products are used. The majority of our work comes from customer referrals and we are very confident that you will be our next reference. A long list of our latest projects can be found on our website.

How do we price travertine floor cleaning?

Generally the better the quality of your stone the more expensive the process will be to get rid of scratches and to give the floor a mirror like finish. Many people spend 100€ per square meter of travertine, supply and fit, but they will be looking for the cheapest way of re-polishing their floors. Like in anything else, you get what you pay for. Diamond polishing takes a lot of time and is a slow process but the results are just magic. You should expect to pay about 20€ per square meter for travertine floor cleaning & sealing and about 40€ per square meter of travertine diamond polishing. As I said, the results will not appear within a few minutes but when it does it will look like a mirror for a few years without the use of any chemicals.


How long does it take?

Polishing travertine floors will take time. A deep clean and a chemical sealant can be done within 5 hours (20-40 sq meter) but a diamond scratch removal plus a good polishing will take one full day and sometimes a few more sessions of high speed polishing will be required. This process cannot be done by untrained people and if high speed machines are used to polish your travertine it might end up polishing the floor uneven.




How often do you have to polish your travertine floors?

The traffic will determine how often your floors need to be polished. Some shopping centers have gangs of specialists polishing their floors each night to make sure their floors look like new. In a residential property one polishing every 24 months should do it.

Our company prides itself on delivering the best travertine floor polishing service in Dublin. With hundreds of jobs completed each year we can truly say we are the experts in travertine floor cleaning and travertine floor polishing services. We will never be late and we will never cancel an appointment. We are open 24/7.  We own some of the best flooring machines available capable of finishing huge areas in very short periods of time.

We deal with commercial and domestic customers.  60% of our customers are domestic and most of our work comes from repeat customers or referrals.

Things to do if you have travertine floor:

-wash the floor with lemon gel at least 2 times per week

-use warm water and respect the water/cleaning agent ratio

-buff your floors twice per year – or hire a company

-only use insured contractors to clean your floors – travertine can be easily damaged


Things to don’t do if you have travertine floors:

-do not steam your floors if the floors were sealed

-do not use bleach on your floors

-if you buff the floor – don’t use black , green and blue pads – white or red only

-don’t drag furniture on the floors if the floor was sealed

-don’t seal the floor yourself – using the wrong sealant it will cost you money in the long run


***if you plan to get work done in your home and you have travertine floors please cover it up and take photos with your floors before and after the job was completed. As you know, travertine floors absorb dirt very easy in their cavities and it will cost a lot of money to have your travertine floors cleaned and re-polished. Better prevent than repair.    1800 848 700   1800 844 111   014440146   0852892657

Amtico Cleaning Company – Amtico Cleaning

Amtico Floor Cleaning


Dublin Floor Cleaning is one of the leading amtico floor dressing and polishing companies in Ireland. With hundreds of jobs completed each year and a huge list of references you can be sure that your floors are in the hands of professionals.

What is amtico flooring?

Amtico flooring is a plastic flooring that can imitate any expensive floor. Actually amtico is such an authentic looking replica of the real thing that it can be difficult to tell the difference! Many people have amtico floors in their homes and they do not even know. This type of floor has a very long life expectancy and if treated once per year it will look like new for a very long period of time. All amtico floors come with a 20 year warranty from the supplier. This type of floor is very expensive to install but is so durable and easy to maintain it will actually save you money over time.

How do we clean your amtico floor?

Our specialists will strip the original polish/sealant from your floors. We will deep clean the floors using special floor cleaners and then we will seal your floors. 2 new coats of amtico polish will be applied to your floors. There are two finishes, satin or gloss. Satin – recommended for domestic use. Gloss – recommended for commercial floors. Some amtico floors do not need re-polishing and a good buff will do the job. We will advise on the spot. The most asked question is how often should I clean or re-seal my floors? The answer is very short, as soon as needed. For people with small kids or pets we would recommend 1 deep clean per year. For houses with low traffic you might not need to deep your floors for years. So the usage will determine how often cleaning will be required.

How do we charge?

We usually charge per square meter for jobs up to 50 square metres. For bigger job we can also price per job. The price we provide over the phone is only an estimate. There are a few factors that could increase the price. A standard living room – 30 square meter can cost 150€ or 350€. It all depends on how many coats of polish the floor has. Many people re-seal their floors on a monthly basis and they build up a thick glazing on the floor. This glazing will take a lot of work and cleaning products to be removed.

Here is some useful information if you want to book amtico floor cleaning:

-we will provide free no obligation estimates

-we will help moving furniture around

-we will only use amtico products

-we are open 24/7

-we are fully insured and a long list of our latest projects can be found on our website

-we accept cash, cheque, credit/debit card or EFT

-all our prices are vat inclusive



Here is a list of things that you should do or not do if you have amtico floors:


-clean your floors few times per week

-use only recommended non acidic cleaning products

-buff your floor once per year (high speed buffer – red pad only)

-hire a professional company to seal your floors (every 36 months – depending on traffic)

-keep your pets away from your floors



-seal and re-seal your floors without removing the old sealant

-leave amtico floor stripper on your floor for longer than 30 min

-drag furniture on your floors

-put hot things on your floors – remember – is plastic

-polish your floors with black, green, blue or pink pads

-do any work on your floors if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge


Amtico floors can look brilliant or can look cheap. It all depends on maintenance. Our company has a free phone line (1800 848 700) 24/7 and if you need any free advice regarding your amtico flooring please call us.

We cover the whole County Dublin area but we do a lot of business in Kildare, Wicklow and Meath.  Jobs between 10 to 50 square meters can be completed in one day. Bigger jobs will require more time. There is a minimum charge of 200 euro.

Why hire us? – our amtico floor cleaning specialists are some of the best you will find on the Irish market. A lot of our work comes from the residential market – a very fussy market. Then again, most of our amtico floor cleaning jobs come from referrals or repeat customers. Our company can appreciate the quality of your floors and your connection with your floors. We will treat your amtico floors with respect and only original Amtico cleaning & polishing products will be used. It is very important not to allow anyone to work with strong chemicals around your expensive floors. One big stain in the middle of your kitchen will have your house looking old and tired. Dublin Floor Cleaning has 100% positive feedback and working with us you will be guaranteed quality and brilliant looking amtico flooring.

Amtico Floor Cleaning is our speciality

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Dublin – Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Dublin Floor Cleaning provides professional vinyl floor cleaning services in Dublin and the surrounding area.  All our vinyl floor cleaning services are fully insured and highly recommended.  We aim to provide quality vinyl floor cleaning services at affordable prices. No point providing a good service if no one can afford it. So how do we do it?

-we have invested in some of the most professional vinyl floor cleaning machines

-we have trained our vinyl floor cleaning specialists to a very high level

-we use only the most efficient vinyl floor cleaning products

-all our vinyl sealants & polishes are top of the range

-we are punctual, friendly and very professional

With more and more commercial customers using our vinyl floor cleaning services we have reduced our pricing to a level that our competition cannot do. By hiring Dublin Floor Cleaning to do your vinyl floor cleaning you will be assured of fair and professional advice, 24 hours/7 days per week opening times and flexibility. Our vinyl cleaning specialists will adapt to your requirements and we will try to work within any budget if it can be done. Our main market is the pharmaceutical market and the educational. We clean and polish many vinyl floors for pharmacies and schools. All our vinyl floor cleaning estimates are provided free of charge and without obligation.

Vinyl floors are very hard and can last for a very long period of time if they are properly maintained. Depending on traffic, all vinyl floors need to be polished once in a while. The floors of a school will require 1-2 years between polishing. The floors of a kitchen will require 2-4 years gap between polishes. The floors of a nursing home will require 5+ years gap between polishes. More traffic less time the floor will stay clean.

Many people believe that polishing vinyl floors is very easy and that is why 50% of our business is repair work, repairing damage done to floors polished by amateurs. To achieve the mirror like finish on your vinyl flooring requires good tools, good strippers, good polish and highly experienced floor cleaners.  Use too much stripper to remove the old polish from your vinyl floors and you will change the colour of your floors for good.  Use dirty mops, dirty water or too much polish on the floors and you will hate your floors.

Vinyl floor cleaning :

After the polishing your vinyl floors will look nice and clean. How long it will stay like that depends on you. Only non acidic floor cleaning products should be used and red pads for polishing. Many people use green pads for polishing vinyl floors and this can damage the floors. Each time you clean your floors you will remove a bit of it. Red pads only. Darker colour pads are only for scrubbing. Daily cleaning is required on high traffic areas. Do not use blades or wire brushes on your vinyl floors. Avoid using high heels. Never wash your vinyl floors with bleach. It will make your floors white and it will burn the polish.

Vinyl floors comes in many varieties but all of it will requires more or less the same cleaning techniques. There are do and don`t s that apply to all plastic floors.

If you are interested in any of our vinyl floor cleaning services please contact us at 014440146.


www. Dublin –   1800 844 111


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Amtico Floor Cleaning Dublin – Amtico Cleaning – Amtico Dressing

Amtico Floor Cleaning

Amtico flooring is one of the most beautiful types of floor and there is a vast selection of choices available from wood to marble. Most houses from high end areas built in 1960-70s have amtico flooring somewhere in the house and after 50 years those floors still look like new. What is amtico? Amtico is a great imitation of any type of floor. If you like wood floors but you don’t want all the trouble with floor sanding and easy markings you can get a perfect imitation in amtico. Amtico is a type of plastic, thick and long lasting. With hundreds of different models and colours the sky is the limit in the options available.

Amtico flooring is a great option but it can cost a lot of money. For areas with high traffic it should be highly recommended. The best quality of amtico flooring is that it can be sealed very easily and it can look like new for a long time.  If the sealant is wearing off all you have to do is to re polish it. Our company provides a brilliant amtico floor sealing service. We deal with hundreds of domestic customers and commercial customers also .

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts  if you have amtico flooring:

do not use lyno or marmoleum floor polishes. Amtico floor sealant only.

do not wash the floor using dark pads (green , brown or black) – red only

do not use acidic cleaning products on your amtico floors – it will take the polish away

do not wear pointy shoe heels

do not re-polish your floors without stripping the old polish. It will look bad.

do not use waxes or wood sealants on amtico floors

-DO polish your amtico floors using a red pad – once per month

-DO wash your floors with a neutral cleaning product


There are many new property owners that do not even know that they have amtico flooring. We received calls from many customers to price laminate floor polishing only to find out that the customer has amtico flooring. The imitation can be that good. Also, we were called in to price for floor sanding only to find out that in fact the floors were amtico and not wood flooring as the property owner thought.  There are many amtico flooring suppliers in Ireland and in the past few years there was a small cheap amtico revolution but I do not think it will be as durable as the amtico floors fitted in 1970s that still look like new today. 40 years ago having amtico flooring was for rich only but nowadays things have changed a bit. But even now a good amtico floor should cost over 50€ per square meter to buy. Most of the English super stores franchises realised how long lasting the amtico floors are and they have fitted all their shops with very expensive wood imitation – amtico flooring. In the long run it will justify the high price.


What can we do for you?

Well ,  we can have your amtico floor looking like a mirror. You will be afraid to walk on it. First we will deep clean your floors to remove all the dirt and the old sealant. Then we will apply 3 coats of amtico floor polish. This operation looks easy but the art of having no marks on your floors is in how it is applied. The heat from the red pad will help the sealant to attach to your floor even better and it will help to last longer.


When do we seal your amtico floors?

Our company is open for business 24/7 but we need a bit of notice.  Often, we receive emails from big building contractors requiring same day amtico floor polishing. We might be able to do that for a domestic job but to strip and polish a big super store requires a lot more than few hours notice. Our amtico floor cleaning & amtico floor polishing pricing is affordable and we have a huge list of regular amtico floor customers. The bigger the surface to be done cheaper it works out. The original price might change if :

-the floor was over polished without stripping

-the wrong type of sealant was used – not amtico approved

-the area that was originally agreed has increased for some reason

-huge amounts of furniture is to be moved around

We can provide prices for any type of amtico floor cleaning or amtico floor polishing over the phone but the size of the job has to be accurate and the condition of it as well. Many people confuse meters with feet. So a 500 square feet job becomes a 500 square meter. That is 10 times bigger so the price will also increase.

After the job is done you need to mind your floors. Amtico floor cleaning needs to be done regularly if you want to have good looking floors. You can wash your amtico floors with cleaning products from the amtico brand but other soft cleaning products can do the same job for less money. Lemon gel and other non acid floor cleaners have done a good job in the past 40 years.

Our company provides a long list of amtico floor cleaning & sealing customers on our website. We post all our latest projects on our website for your peace of mind. All amtico floor cleaning services provided by us are fully insured and guaranteed.   Amtico Floor Cleaning    1800 848 700    1800 844 111


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Floor Cleaning Malahide – Floor Cleaning Company – Marble Cleaning Malahide


Floor Cleaning Malahide

Marble Floor Cleaning Malahide

Travertine Floor Cleaning Malahide

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning Malahide

Terracotta Floor Cleaning Malahide

Amtico Floor Cleaning Malahide

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Malahide

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning Malahide

Tile & Grout Cleaning Malahide

Porcelain Floor Cleaning Malahide

Ceramic Floor Cleaning Malahide

Wood Floor Cleaning Malahide

Laminate Floor Cleaning Malahide


Dublin Floor Cleaning provides professional floor cleaning services in Malahide and the surrounding area. All our floor cleaning services are fully insured and highly recommended. We specialise in amtico floor cleaning , marble floor cleaning , marmoleum floor cleaning and travertine floor cleaning services. Our company provides commercial and domestic floor cleaning services. From our website you can find out information about our floor cleaning prices, our covered area and our latest projects. All our floor cleaning specialists are fully trained , polite and very professional. All our floor cleaning  estimates are free of charge and no obligation. If you are interested in any of our floor cleaning services please contact us at 014440146.


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Marmoleum Floor Cleaning – Marmoleum Floor Polishing – Marmoleum Floor Sealing

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning


What is marmoleum flooring?

Marmoleum is a new revolutionary type of flooring , similar with the vinyl but much more eco friendly. It comes in hundreds of colours and types and it is highly recommended for hospitals , schools , old folks houses, etc. If all the marmoleum floor cleaning technology is respected this type of floor will last you forever. Marmoleum floors are very expensive to buy and fit but its long lasting life will pay back in time. There are few types of marmoleum floors and looks like every few years a new type of it is becoming “the thing you must have”. Marmoleum flooring use to come in big sheets that could be cut it down to the size required but this has created a big problem , a full roll of marmoleum flooring can cost thousands of euro and is only sold in a full roll. Most of the marmoleum flooring contractors use to be left out pocket buy buying a full roll of a un commune colour just to use half of it and then having to keep the other half in storage for years. So marmoleum tiles were invented. Marmoleum tiles come in boxes of 1-5 square meters and beside being cheaper to buy it is also cheaper to fit.Also , you are left with few left over and whatever is extra can be returned to the shop. The next type of marmoleum flooring was the click on marmoleum tiles. This type of marmoleum flooring can be fitted even by people with no DIY  experience.

How is marmoleum floor fitted?

Marmoleum flooring can be fitted on any type of hard base. A very important thing that most of the people ignore is the under floor preparation that can cost as much as the floor itself or even more. The base of the floor has to be levelled up with special self levelling products and only the floor is 100% flat the marmoleum flooring installation can start. Any imperfection on the floor will be very visible after the floor was installed. This type of flooring is working out very expensive for a private person and I belive there are better option put there. A living room 5m by 5m it can cost up to 2000€ to have it prepared and fitted with marmoleum flooring. For this kind of money there are so many other options. Marmoleum flooring will look nice and clean for a long time only if is sealed and buffed on a regular basis.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning

Marmoleum floor cleaning and sealing is the most important thing to know and do after the floor was fitted.  A shortage of marmoleum contractors has helped many cowboys to get in to this trade. Having people aimed at one thing , the fast profit , has helped many schools , hospitals , etc lose big money. Unlike other solid floors , the marmoleum flooring has to be sealed after installation. At least 3 coats of marmoleum sealant has to be applied to your floors and then the floor will need at least one buff per week. People are not advised about marmoleum floor cleaning and within only few months after the installation the floor will start wearing off and looking old and dull. If 3 coats of polish is done and buffed this will build up a protective surface on your floor and whatever spillage happens it won`t damage the floor. Acidic foods and bleach are the biggest danger for marmoleum.  After a food spillage the floor need to be deep cleaned fast. Most of the people don’t know this. The cleaners in this places are washing the floors with acidic chemicals thinking this is the most efficient way but instead of cleaning the floor they damage the floor glazing. Marmoleum floor cleaning needs to be done daily using a non acidic chemical (neutral). It can be done with a wet mop or using a machine with a red pad or very soft brush. Weekly buffing sessions need to take place to remove all the marking from the floor. There is not point spending  100€ per square meter of marmoleum flooring if you don’t plan to treated with respect.

Our company is contacted , on a daily basis , by places where marmoleum flooring was fitted years ago and because the floor wasn’t sealed it has changed colour . This places are in big trouble now because re-painting marmoleum floors can cost big money and the state is not providing  the finance. The blaming game starts between the contractors and the clients. Some places don’t even have a buffer on site.


Things to do to protect your marmoleum flooring:

-seal the floor next day after the installation or ask the contractor to do it for you

-buy a buffer (second hand ones are cheap)

-buff the floor with red pads only (black,brown,green pads are not for polishing)

-avoid using shoes with sharp hills

-put protective rubber shoes on your chairs & tables

-do not use acidic chemicals when marmoleum floor cleaning is done

-do not drag things on the floors

-do not put rubbish bins on the floor (spillage can stain the floors)

-have professional doing a deep marmoleum floor cleaning once per year


Things to don’t do when you have marmoleum floors:

-polish the floors with wood or other waxes

-apply polish in the top of a dirty surface

-over polish the floors

-buff the floors with the wrong pads

-wash the floors with bleach

-use the wrong stripper to remove the polish (or leave the stripper on the floor for too long)


It is very important to check out your marmoleum fitter or marmoleum floor cleaning company. Have a look to see if they have any references or if they post a list of their customers / latest projects in their website. Also don’t be afraid to call and have a chat with their customers. A phone call can save you thousands in damages. Our company , is doing all this. A long list of our marmoleum floor cleaning customers is posted on our website. We also post a long list of our customers , for your peace of mind. Our marmoleum floor cleaning services are fully insured and guaranteed.  We have written down this article to make people aware of the risk of doing or not doing some jobs to protect your floors.


For more information regarding marmoleum floor cleaning or marmoleum floor stripping & polising please contact us at 014440146     1800 848 700    0852892657.

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Floor Cleaning Ranelagh – Floor Cleaning – Floor Cleaners

-marble floor cleaning Ranelagh

-travertine floor cleaning Ranelagh

-terrazzo floor cleaning Ranelagh

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-porcelain floor cleaning Ranelagh

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Our floor cleaning company provides professional floor cleaning services in Ranelagh and the surrounding area. We offer floor cleaning services to both commercial and domestic customers. Our floor cleaning services are fully insured and guaranteed for your peace of mind. We are experts in floor cleaning and have years of experience cleaning all types of flooring. We use only eco-friendly floor cleaning products which are non-toxic and safe for use around pregnant women, kids and pets. We have a great reputation and a long list of our latest jobs is being published on a weekly basis. Our website is easy to use and provides a lot of information about our floor cleaning techniques and products, online payments, online bookings, free phone line etc. We have reduced our floor cleaning prices by up to 30% by investing in some of the best floor cleaning machines and by training our staff to work with the most efficient floor waxes and polishes. Marble floor cleaning and travertine floor cleaning are the two most booked types of floor cleaning by the domestic market in Ranelagh. Vinyl floor cleaning and marmoleum floor cleaning are in big demand within the commercial floor cleaning market in Ranelagh. All our quotations are provided free of charge and with no obligation.


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