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How To Maintain Results After Getting Your Floor Deep Cleaned


You finally got your floors professionally cleaned and everything looks awesome. The surface is glossy, the room smells nice and fresh and that weird stain in the corner is nowhere to be seen. It is always a great feeling seeing results of a job well done but this is usually where your part as the home owner begins. The floor might look, feel and smell great but this will not last forever, you need to do a lot in order to ensure that you maintain the amazing results for as long as possible. Below are 5 tips that should come in handy with care and maintenance of all floor types.


5 Tips To Help You Keep Your Floor Clean


  1. Clear up spills as soon as they occur

This is one mistake that many of us make and that costs us a lot in the long run. Ignoring a spill or not being thorough in the cleanup is one of the easiest ways to get stuck with stubborn stains. It could be coffee or food projectiles from your baby’s plate. Whatever the case, you are definitely better off cleaning up as fast and as thoroughly as possible to avoid stains and discoloration.


  1. Use the right cleaning equipment and techniques

You will also have to do some cleaning up every now and then once the crew has done their part. In this case, it is important to ensure that you use the right equipment to avoid doing more harm than good. To be safe, warm water and mild soap should do the trick.


  1. Cover up with carpets and throws

If you want to keep the floors clean with as little effort as possible then this is the best way. Carpeting ensures that the floor isn’t exposed to anything that could make it dirty. That way, you get to maintain the results of the crew’s job for a very long time.


  1. Use house shoes and slippers

If you like wearing shoes indoors, it would probably be best to invest in indoor slippers. These protect the floor in many ways but mainly just ensure that you do not drug dirt and any other filth from outside all over the floors.


  1. Vacuum on a regular basis and invest in an air filter

This is the best way to deal with dust and other particulate matter including pet fur, hair and even pollen. All these accumulate with time and make the floor dirty. With a good air filter and regular vacuuming, it is not something you have to worry about.


Always consult the cleaners

It also does not hurt for you as the home owner to ask for help from the crew that cleaned the floors for you. They know what every floor needs to stay fresh and clean and should therefore be in the best position to offer guidance.


Bottom line

With all these tips and information, it should not be too hard to keep those floors looking as good as they did when the cleaning crew left. All you have to do is to be consistent. Asking for advice from the professionals also goes a long way to ensure that you get as much information as you need to get it right.


Floor Cleaning & Floor Maintenance