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How Grout Gets Dirty And How Best To Clean It


Tiles are without a doubt among the most popular flooring materials available on the market today. Whether it is square ceramic pieces or wooden herringbone patterns, you can never go wrong with this classic style. However, when it comes to cleaning you have to deal with the nightmare that is stained grout. This is the case especially with ceramic tiles. In the simplest terms possible, grout is the stuff found between tiles. It serves both the purpose of separating the tile units and holding them together. Grout is made of sand, concrete and water and is therefore pretty much a stain magnet due to its porous nature. Below is all you need to know about how grout gets dirty and how to get it cleaned.


How does it get dirty?


First things first, it is important to understand exactly how grout gets dirty. This is important as it will help you as the home owner minimize the staining and the need to clean it again and again. As already stated, grout is porous and prone to staining by liquids. This means that spills are the leading cause of dirty grout. It also gets dirty over time due to accumulation of dirt and grease from the environment.


What is probably the greatest surprise to home owners is the fact that grout can get dirty from cleaning. Yes, you read that right. While mopping the floor, dirty water from the tiles seeps into the grout from the mop or cleaner itself. The dirty water causes staining and discoloration of the material making the tiles look dirty even when they are not.


Why professional cleaners are the best to handle it


Now that you get how grout gets dirty, the next thing is understanding how to clean it. In this case, it is important to understand that DIY cleaning of grout is not always a great idea. Below are 3 reasons why.


  1. Grout can be delicate

Grout is not as hard and tough as it looks. In fact, if one is not careful while cleaning there is always the possibility of causing cracks or leaving unsightly scratch marks. This is one of the main reasons why you should leave it to professionals.


  1. It is easy to create permanent stains with DIY cleaning

It has already been established that improper cleaning could cause staining. The risk of doing more harm than good is the second reason why you should invest in a professional crew to clean your tile grout. Their skill, experience allows them to understand how best to go about cleaning to avoid leaving more stains.


  1. They have the most appropriate equipment for efficient cleaning

They have machines meant for direct and thorough cleaning between tiles. These include pressure cleaners, small vacuum tubes and even steam cleaners. These ensure that the process is direct, targeted and therefore highly effective.


Bottom line

It is difficult to ignore the fact that grout can be difficult to deal with when it comes to floor cleaning. With the 3 major reasons given above, the importance of working with a professional could not be emphasized enough. It will save you time and effort and pretty much guarantees great results.


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