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Amtico Floor Cleaning

Amtico flooring is one of the most beautiful types of floor and there is a vast selection of choices available from wood to marble. Most houses from high end areas built in 1960-70s have amtico flooring somewhere in the house and after 50 years those floors still look like new. What is amtico? Amtico is a great imitation of any type of floor. If you like wood floors but you don’t want all the trouble with floor sanding and easy markings you can get a perfect imitation in amtico. Amtico is a type of plastic, thick and long lasting. With hundreds of different models and colours the sky is the limit in the options available.

Amtico flooring is a great option but it can cost a lot of money. For areas with high traffic it should be highly recommended. The best quality of amtico flooring is that it can be sealed very easily and it can look like new for a long time.  If the sealant is wearing off all you have to do is to re polish it. Our company provides a brilliant amtico floor sealing service. We deal with hundreds of domestic customers and commercial customers also .

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts  if you have amtico flooring:

do not use lyno or marmoleum floor polishes. Amtico floor sealant only.

do not wash the floor using dark pads (green , brown or black) – red only

do not use acidic cleaning products on your amtico floors – it will take the polish away

do not wear pointy shoe heels

do not re-polish your floors without stripping the old polish. It will look bad.

do not use waxes or wood sealants on amtico floors

-DO polish your amtico floors using a red pad – once per month

-DO wash your floors with a neutral cleaning product


There are many new property owners that do not even know that they have amtico flooring. We received calls from many customers to price laminate floor polishing only to find out that the customer has amtico flooring. The imitation can be that good. Also, we were called in to price for floor sanding only to find out that in fact the floors were amtico and not wood flooring as the property owner thought.  There are many amtico flooring suppliers in Ireland and in the past few years there was a small cheap amtico revolution but I do not think it will be as durable as the amtico floors fitted in 1970s that still look like new today. 40 years ago having amtico flooring was for rich only but nowadays things have changed a bit. But even now a good amtico floor should cost over 50€ per square meter to buy. Most of the English super stores franchises realised how long lasting the amtico floors are and they have fitted all their shops with very expensive wood imitation – amtico flooring. In the long run it will justify the high price.


What can we do for you?

Well ,  we can have your amtico floor looking like a mirror. You will be afraid to walk on it. First we will deep clean your floors to remove all the dirt and the old sealant. Then we will apply 3 coats of amtico floor polish. This operation looks easy but the art of having no marks on your floors is in how it is applied. The heat from the red pad will help the sealant to attach to your floor even better and it will help to last longer.


When do we seal your amtico floors?

Our company is open for business 24/7 but we need a bit of notice.  Often, we receive emails from big building contractors requiring same day amtico floor polishing. We might be able to do that for a domestic job but to strip and polish a big super store requires a lot more than few hours notice. Our amtico floor cleaning & amtico floor polishing pricing is affordable and we have a huge list of regular amtico floor customers. The bigger the surface to be done cheaper it works out. The original price might change if :

-the floor was over polished without stripping

-the wrong type of sealant was used – not amtico approved

-the area that was originally agreed has increased for some reason

-huge amounts of furniture is to be moved around

We can provide prices for any type of amtico floor cleaning or amtico floor polishing over the phone but the size of the job has to be accurate and the condition of it as well. Many people confuse meters with feet. So a 500 square feet job becomes a 500 square meter. That is 10 times bigger so the price will also increase.

After the job is done you need to mind your floors. Amtico floor cleaning needs to be done regularly if you want to have good looking floors. You can wash your amtico floors with cleaning products from the amtico brand but other soft cleaning products can do the same job for less money. Lemon gel and other non acid floor cleaners have done a good job in the past 40 years.

Our company provides a long list of amtico floor cleaning & sealing customers on our website. We post all our latest projects on our website for your peace of mind. All amtico floor cleaning services provided by us are fully insured and guaranteed.   Amtico Floor Cleaning    1800 848 700    1800 844 111


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