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Understanding The Process Of Professional Floor Cleaning

Understanding The Process Of Professional Floor Cleaning


There comes a time where every home owner has to get the help of a professional floor cleaning crew. It could be a wild party that left your house trashed. Or it could be something else like a pesky stain that just won’t go away. Whatever the case, your everyday cleaning techniques will not always cut it. When working with a professional crew, there is a lot that you are responsible for as the client if you want to get full value for your money. One of this is having a full understanding of the process. This allows you to know not only what to expect but also what to accept from the crew that you are working with. Below is a description of the basic floor cleanup process that should come in handy.


How the professionals do it


  1. Inspection

This is a very important step as it allows the crew to figure out exactly what it is they are working with. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the room and the extent of damage in the case of water damage. Inspection is important for the crew as it allows them to formulate a work plan. It also allows them to answer any questions you may have regarding the methods and equipment that they intend to use for the cleaning.


  1. Floor preparation

This step involves removing anything that could be in the crew’s way during the cleaning. For the most part, this usually applies to furniture and carpeting. The crew removes or at least moves the items out of the way allowing unhindered access to the floor for effective cleaning. Floor preparation could also refer to picking up and disposing of smaller things like litter and other forms of clutter on the floor.


  1. The actual cleaning

This is without a doubt the most important step in the entire process. The crew literally gets down and dirty ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning of the floor. The most important variable in this step is the method of cleaning used. It could be mopping, high pressure jet cleaning, vacuuming or even steam cleaning. The method chosen depends on a lot of things including the type of stain, the type of floor and the location of the mess on the floor. The crew makes this decision from the analysis made during the inspection stage of the process.


  1. Drying and polishing

Finally, the floor is dried. This could either be done actively or passively. With active drying, suction and heating machines are used to suck up and or evaporate the moisture from the flooring material. Passive drying on the other hand refers to the process of simply allowing the floor to dry on its own. In this case, you might want to crack open a window or two.

Once the floor is dry, you have the choice of either getting the floor polished or having your stuff moved back in.



Once you understand this process, then you should be well on your way to ensuring that you get full value for your money. It could also come in hand for maintenance cleaning by yourself once the crew is gone. Either way, it is an important process to understand.


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